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[ ESR-308 ]
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The ESR-308 is a EIA310-D standard 3U chassis design that balances what is possible and what is needed. It supports most form factor server boards in the market from Single Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon, Dual Intel Clovertown/Penryn, Dual AMD Opteron, Server Boards in a high density and cost-effective enclosure. The ESR-308 storage server chassis enable SGPIO (Serial General Purpose Input/Output) for Areca and LSI SATA/SAS controllers.

Features and Benefits
  • Supports SSI EEB 3.5, CEB 1.1 or AMD Dual Opteron compliant server boards
  • Power MOSFET and pre-charge circuit for surge current protection on hard drive and backplane
  • Horizontal backplane design to allow maximum airflow for system cooling
  • Included SGS approved slide rails
  • 3 years warranty on power supply
  • Other High Quality Components are backed by a lifetime warranty



5.4"(H) x 19"(W) x 28"(D)

Front Access Connector

2 X USB ports

Front Access switch

Power On/Off, Reset, Alarm Reset

Front Panel Indicators

Power On, HDD Activity, Fan failure, Overheat warning, LANs

Hot swap drive indicators

Power On, HDD Activity, HDD failure

Power Supply

650W 2+1 Hot-swap redundant power supply

Power Supply Options

Up to 1150W Fixed, Redundant,high efficiency 80+

System Board

Up to 12x13 E-ATX, ATX, EEB 3.5, CEB 1.1 compliant

Drive Bay

Internal slim CD x 1

External 5.25" x 2

Hotswap Bay x 8

Data Backplane
Serial ATA PTP
Ultra 320 SCA
Serial Attached SCSI
Included Data cable No
Included slide rail Yes
System Monitoring

Fan / over heat / power supply fault detection


Intel Validated Quad Core Processor

SATA backplane Specification
1. A power MOSFET to provide disk spin-up control 2. A pre-charge circuit for surge current protection when a disk is plugged in to protect the hard-disk drive and the backplane. 3. LED: Blue ON = HDD present; Blue Blinking = Drive activity; Red=Drive failure 4. A 4x2 header for Drive activity and Drive failure LED signal input 5. Single DC input to provide better cable management 6. SGPIO support Areca and LSI SAS controller card

SCSI backplane Specification

Technical Documentation
Technical Borchure


User Manual


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